Behind the Scenes of Courage

The momentous day of the inauguration afforded our team of adults with disabilities a great opportunity. It was their day, an occasion where the spotlight was (finally) beaming on them and their lives.

More than 20 media channels were present, hoping to capture the lives, experiences, and hopes of a group of wonderful individuals with disabilities. All media crews were jostling for space and the attention of these individuals who were previously neglected.

Our team of remarkable adults with disabilities, who are generally reticent and shy, fearlessly engaged with various media channels, revealing their origin stories and aspirations.

In the spotlight, a unanimous theme emerged: their journey of overcoming challenges to stand where they are today. Through lives marked by struggle and diverse experiences, they courageously faced the cameras and opened their hearts to the media. There was a palpable longing within them to have their voices heard, to share their unique narratives.


The impact of their stories has transcended the confines of Mitti Cafe, echoing far and wide. With each question posed, a profound sense of pride and accomplishment enveloped them, illuminating their inner strength. These individuals showed us that limitations can never define true potential

In those transformative moments under the camera’s gaze, they embodied nothing less than ambassadors of change. Their words were imbued with the hope of inspiring compassion, fostering acceptance, and kindling a genuine appreciation for the boundless potential residing within each of us.

At MITTI Cafe, we are committed to sharing stories of perseverance, determination, and growth. We invite you to join us in celebrating these stories of resilience, determination, and unyielding spirit. Their journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us that the human spirit knows no bounds. Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring content from MITTI Cafe. Together, we can continue to spread positivity and uplift lives.

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