Beyond Terminal Gates: MITTI Cafes Extend a Hand of Inclusion at Bangalore Airport

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting journey of MITTI at Bangalore International Airport, a beacon of inclusion and a testament to the power of awareness and visibility.

As we continue to champion the cause of individuals with disabilities, we are deeply honored to showcase how our partnership with the airport has been a driving force in sensitising the masses and fostering societal change.

Elevating Lives and Livelihoods

Bangalore International Airport has created the most stories of inclusion. They generously allowed us to open not just one, but TWO Mitti Cafes within their premises!

With the opening of these two cafes, we have been able to provide employment to an 50 individuals with disabilities, the highest number in any single location! This incredible opportunity has made a significant impact on the lives and livelihoods of people with disabilities.

A Gateway to Sensitisation and Awareness

The Bangalore International Airport stands as a bustling hub that welcomes and bids adieu to lakhs of travelers daily. This vibrant footfall creates an unparalleled opportunity for us to magnify our mission’s reach and sensitize a vast audience about the capabilities and potential of individuals with disabilities.

The high visibility that the airport offers acts as a conduit for raising awareness and challenging societal perceptions, making every journey through its terminals an enlightening experience.

Leading the Way with Inclusivity

A true exemplar of leadership, the airport authorities have been steadfast in their commitment to our cause. From the very top, including the visionary CEO Hari Marar, their sensitivity and unwavering support have been the cornerstones of our partnership.

As stated earlier, their genuine dedication to inclusivity is reflected in the remarkable decision to host two Mitti Cafes within their premises. Their continued trust is a source of great motivation for us, as we know that their assessment of our work is professional and devoid of biases.

Empowering Independence

Through these cafes, a ripple effect of positive change has been set in motion. Sustainable livelihoods have enabled individuals with disabilities to lead independent lives, thereby uplifting their families and allowing them to actively contribute to society. The airport’s continued support ensures that this cycle of empowerment remains unbroken, fostering a legacy of progress and self-sufficiency.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Bangalore International Airport for being a beacon of inclusivity and a driving force behind our shared mission. Together, we are shattering barriers, nurturing inclusion, and creating a lasting impact on countless lives.

We invite you to experience the power of inclusivity and exceptional service by visiting our Mitti Cafes at Bangalore International Airport. Your presence and support resonate far beyond the terminal walls, leaving an indelible mark on the journey towards empowerment and equality.

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